They all lived

They just won’t die

The cactus won’t die. It has more will to live than you and I.

I watched my neighbour cut down his huge cactus plant.

It broke my heart as the cactus was making way for concrete.

BUT, after 6months, the cut offs are still breathing and living somehow.


Another neighbour’s papaya or pawpaw seeds dropped in my house and next thing I know, I have 4 pawpaw plants growing with no apologies.

I already had loads of pawpaw plants on my compound anyway and I had also started getting really bad reactions to pawpaw anytime I touched the fruit or ate them. I decided to cut one of the new ones.

But guess what, I came back from a months trip away and the very pawpaw plant I cut, was almost half my height.


Then a few days ago, I saw a little ant in my room and I tried to kill it, I know its mean, but I don’t want to share my bedroom with another living thing that isn’t a human or a plant. Ants just have to live outside. But this ant, won’t die. So, I picked it up and took it outside.


Hmmm, what was nature trying to tell me? I should live, no matter how people cut me, put me down, or hurt me. I should just focus on living and thriving.

Your ideas should live. Don’t give up, no matter what. Change direction if you will, but have a strong will to live.


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