Think like a Spider

Most people are scared of spiders πŸ•·. Even the harmless ones scares people, but I feel 9 out of 10, the spiders are running away from us humans. But this post is not about the mutual fear, but rather how spiders are persistent. They persevere.

img_0878Next time you get the chance, have a look at a spiders web. How detailed it is. A spider’s web is precious work of art to me. No wonder there are folklores about how the beautiful Kente cloth is inspired by the spider.

img_0874So spiders create these beautiful and delicate webs to catch its prey.

img_0875Sometimes it gets lucky, other times not so much. All that detail for nothing?
I see humans complain that life is hard. Yes, life can be hard. My life gets hard sometimes. And we can all agree that some days are better than others.
But a spider just creates, hoping to eat.
Let’s face it, not all the webs are cute, yet they create it anyway to get the job done.

img_0873I suspect they have several webs.
I haven’t seen a spider busy checking out a competitor’s web.
They are focused and create alone.
As humans, we create one thing and sometimes give up.
We don’t ask for help, when we can.
If you ask for help and it doesn’t come you get resentful, because you feel entitled. Don’t. Be like the spider and find creative ways to make it work this year.
Be persistent. Persevere.



10 thoughts on “Think like a Spider

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Debbie. Been on the road, I am sorry for the delay. Heading home and will respond. 12 countries done in a month from East to South Africa.😊

      1. You’re welcome; you’re blog is inspiring so you definitely deserve it! Ohhh wow that’s amazing!!! I hope you’ll be blogging about your travels; I’d love to see your pictures and to read about your experiences! πŸ™‚

      2. Great, I can’t wait to see your blog posts! Yeah you should definitely consider creating a photo album post, I’m sure you have many pictures to pick from. πŸ™‚

  1. Amazing words if wisdom..reminds me of a book I’m slowly going through. Grit..the power of persistence. The author says that effort counts for something big even if one is not as talented. It’s encouraging to press the spider building it’s web.

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