Beyond The Surface

As he reached for the facial tissue box, he realized there was no tissue in there. Or so he thought. He has been using it for weeks to clean his face, but that afternoon he wasn’t so lucky.

A few days after I picked the box to throw away, but I decided to look one last time and bingo! There was some more tissues to last another week.

This got me reflecting on life and careers. On how we do not simply dig enough at times. How we look at the surface and think we have run out of opportunity or feel we have maxed out our talent(s) or ideas.

Have I also not dug deep enough in the past? I bet I have, and so have you at some point. The sad thing is, we may not always know when we missed out on an opportunity, simply because we did not look one last time. The good thing is, to dig deeper and deeper, because just looking for ideas or solutions at the surface just won’t cut it anymore.

I agree,sometimes the answers can be right in front of our eyes.

It is what most people do. And most people will settle for good and not bother with great or excellent. You and I can be different. We can challenge ourselves to go beyond the surface.

Next time, you feel you’ve done all you could, just ask if you have really gone beyond the surface and dug deep enough.

Keep digging, I wish you all the best.


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