Different Path

On my to work the other day, I saw a lady who I go to the same church with also heading to town.

I saw her, but she hadn’t seen me.

She was walking and I was driving.

She was going in the opposite direction heading to get public transport.

The reality was, she was going to the same central business district as I was.

And the public transport she will use, will use the same route as I had just taken.

I felt a bit sad I couldn’t offer her a lift in my car as she was way on the other side and I was in the fast lane.

I got to my training site and a few hours later, I was having a discussion, no, I was telling my trainees to follow their own path.

Some of them were comparing their lives to their peers and felt they have been left behind.

But this got me thinking for a long time about life.

Sometimes we are heading towards a similar destination, but the path is different and the scenery will be different. We will meet different people on our journey who will shape us differently. Even if we met the same people, we will experience very different interactions.

So, focus on designing your own journey and set your own milestones and stop thinking someone is ahead of you. They are in the fast lane because of the choices they made. You will leave this world alone just as you came alone, so make it as extraordinary as you can possibly can and free yourself from the danger to compare and conform.

The paths will be different, but we will all get to where we are going, some faster than others. Fast lane does not mean a better lane.


2 thoughts on “Different Path

  1. You made some really great points, one of the things I’ve truly learned in life is that comparison is the death of desire, like you said we are all on our own paths in life, I’m a keen believer of we are where we are for a reason, it may not be apparent now or ever, but there is something special in every moment of life.

    1. Thanks Fred. I am so going to tweet the death of desire bit. 🙂 Its okay to admire people, but never wish you were them. Following your own path is the one of the essenceof life, I think.

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