Berlin- A creative happening hub of a city

I started to come alive in Berlin.
The history , culture , art and architecture can be intoxicating.
There is so much to do and see in Berlin.


Oh! I think I have some of the best photos from Berlin . Way too much to even choose from.That is what you get when one of your host is a super talented photography and film graduate.

I was hosted by 2 Schneiders , both I met on separate ocassions in Ghana and have known each for at least 6years. Although they lived in Ghana at the same time , they never met. It was time to introduce these two lost “cousins” as they later started calling themselves cousins. They are not related 🙂
The first Schneider who was in Sierra Leone when I visited in 2010 , made it quite clear I shouldn’t even think of coming and not seeing him.He came for me from the bus station and we headed off to get the obligatory curry wurst to catch up. Being a lawyer and one of my interviewees for my book we talked non stop.


I really enjoyed Berlin this time around ,but was shocked by the disgusting attitude of an obnoxious guy on the train , who called a woman probably his mother’s age, a fat pig, when all she asked was for him to make room for her to sit.
He had occupied all the seats by putting his gym bag and his feet on the seats making it quite clear no one was allowed to sit next to him.
But of course my other Schneider friend , the photographer and I decided to dethrone him. He wasn’t happy , but not brave enough to cross an overly excited me and my eccentric friend with the longest blonde dreadlocks he’s probably ever seen.

In Berlin I met an Angel. Okay , a human angel when I needed it most. 🙂
I was returning from Prague alone late at night and tired too. Some familiar stations on my route were closed because of ongoing construction work. I was feeling a little lost especially as my friends were against the Prague idea , then I heard the calmest voice ever in English asking “can I help?” “Are you okay?” Stefan , made sure I was okay and got me on the easiest alternative train connection.I found out later as we connected on Facebook he is also a big traveller ( )
and writes and runs a cool travel site on , you should check it out.

In Berlin , I met so many other travellers. An Australian who lost everything except his passport , when he and his friends went for a swim at 2am in Ibiza. (loosing my phone earlier in Antwerp was nothing after all).
An Argentine and Mexican who didn’t know where Ghana was. Oh! The Australian didn’t either. But now they know. 🙂 I wish my fellow Ghanaians were there. They would have died in shock horror. 🙂  We Ghanaians  have a sense of pride and think everyone knows and should know who we are as we claim to be Africa’s friendliest people and “the gateway to Africa”.

Lessons from Berlin?
1. As much as I love my friends and appreciate their hospitality , there is no need to overly discuss my travel plans and next destination with them. I will in the future just tell people where I am off to on the day and when I am due back. They nearly discouraged me from going to Prague and Lithuania. They live in Europe and I don’t. They had already forgotten, how extensively they travelled ,when they lived in Ghana.
Plus , I had a plan , that I was paying for with my own time and money not theirs.
2.People always think they know what is good for you and how to live your life. It is really important to know what you want for and from your life
3.Life is sometimes full of  “almost”  situations and choices. I guess you take what you get until you maybe get a clearer picture

4 .There are human devils and angels everywhere.




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