Travel and learn or see..


God put one miracle after another in my path as I spent 6 weeks traveling across bits of Europe .The trip was by far the most punishing one I have ever taken.
Not even an earlier trip I did from Ghana, through Burkina Faso, to Mali and Senegal and back to Ghana by road can compare to this one.

From scenic ferry rides on a lake that borders 3 countries (Switzerland , Italy and Germany) , ease of travel with domestic , but expensive airlines to long overnight bus rides and missed trains was all worth every disappointing and wow moments.
I will probably do it again and again , not the same places, except for one that stole my heart and I am already making plans to go again and again.

I left Ghana hoping I will visit 10 countries , but 8 and half out of 10 and countless cities ,towns and villages , in between is not bad.

It might sound cliché but I learnt so much about myself , people and places , some great lessons , some not so good.
Although I took a lot of photos along the way, until I share the joys and pains , the photos shared and liked on Facebook will never tell the whole story and the many life lessons learnt.
I will , however , try and share most with you my dear faithful reader.

Very few people , and I mean less than 10 people knew I was traveling to interview people for a book I am writing.

About 20 knew I was going to my goddaughter’s christening , as this was too exciting to keep to myself.

Only I knew how fun , but punishing most of the trips were and the person I have become as a result of the experience.

The casualties were Vienna, Barcelona and Copenhagen , these cities were on the original list , but as travel plans , flexibility and budgets go, I couldn’t see these beautiful cities and I have a reason to go back to that part of the world.

It was my second or third time visiting some countries and first for most. All in all I was able to see:
1.The Netherlands again(2006, 2010 & 2013) particularly Amsterdam and a few other towns
2.Belgium- Antwerp and Brussels again(2010&2013)
3.Switzerland- mainy Zurich and a few other Swiss towns and villages
4.Germany-Berlin (2010&2013)
5.The Czech Republic -Prague
6.Lithuania -Kaunas, Vilnius , Trakai (Traku)
7.Poland- Countless towns and villages
8.Iceland -Reykjavik
9.France -Paris (2006, 2010 & 2013)

Every place had some lesson waiting for me and hopefully you too. Stay glued and all will be revealed as the days unfold .


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