Putting people first

I am done putting “some” people first.

I am not sure if it is just some of the people I know who behave like they do , which is sh*t by the way. They put themselves first , which is fine. What is not fine , is , it is at my expense.
Upon reflection , as a particular incident has stayed on my subconscious and kept me awake and denying me precious sweet little sleep , I figured I might be a big part of the problem.
Scenario 1
Having come back from my holidays , I call an associate who wants to collaborate on future business projects. This associate did not only not call me back , when they were informed i called , but text me later that evening to welcome me back and ask for a meeting at 9am.
I called only to hear there is an assignment they will like my input on.
I am a training consultant and a facilitator , not an assassin, so I offered suggestions to co train as it was a last minute gig. The associate still insist on a meeting after I was done with my very packed day.
What makes them think its okay to text and not call and to demand my time? I have put myself out there every time they ask for a meeting and trust me it is usually at the last minute.
I am putting myself first this time and not going,because I don’t have to go. To everyone , If I am that important to you, chase me if you can or want, but I am done chasing, unless I need to.
Scenario 2
I call another associate , just to check on how she was doing.
She mentioned there was a training session going on . I was polite and quick to say i will call later. Then she flips the script to make sure she talks about a pending issue of hers as i held my phone in shock horror. I decided to also talk about my issues, this they couldn’t deal with.
If they could put themselves first , so could I. I was paying for the phone call after all.
Scenario 3
Someone has been asking for a meeting with me to discuss a personal matter .
Last time I went to see them. This time , I will call and ask where they will like to meet and if its not half way, then, I am sorry I am not meeting.
If I have learnt anything from all these bad experiences and more that I couldn’t share.
1. I know that I could never treat these people the way they treat me and that is not what the bible suggest.
2.It is also because I have given them my permission without being fully aware, that it is okay for them to treat me the way they do.
3. All that stops now.

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