I heard a story of a pastor who found it difficult to preach his sermon because he felt intimidated by his wife who was sitting at the front row- a seat especially reserved for her. A seat for VIPs.
With arms folded , face squeezed like she is sucking on lime , and a pout so pronounced , it will relegate Angelina Jolie’s to the background. This was no doubt going to be one difficult sermon to preach.

What will you have done if you were this pastor? Carry on with your message and ignore your wife or will you have spotted someone else in the audience with a more receptive attitude to make eye contact with? Clearly it shouldn’t matter who sits at the front , if you’ve got to deliver an important message to hundreds of people, right? Wrong…

Well , this pastor didn’t do any of the above , but came from the pulpit, walked to his wife and asked what her issue was? Then she intensified her bad attitude. The pastor told her if she had no smile to offer , but an intimating attitude that prevents him from delivering his message , then she should go to the back. Yes, that’s right , home girl was ordered to go to the back. He held her by one arm and asked the ushers to take over . What a radical and bold thing to do to someone close to you.

But this is not any different from the lives we live. Who have you offered a front row seat in your life? Didn’t you know, your life is a “limited edition” event? Hence your VIP tickets to the front row should be for VERY important people.

We have given all sorts of people the privilege to have a front row seat in our lives and sometimes some of them have so much negative energy, hell is sad to compete with. They pull us apart or down, discourage us, kill our spirit and we let them get away with it.

If you took my advice on my last blogpost (MOMENTS) on making the most of the moments we have here on earth, then like the pastor , these people have to go to the back seat. I will not advice you cut them off completely , because they might not see you when you are doing well minus them. Keep them at the back , and they can observe. They might miss the details , but they will hear or see the outcome. When people are applauding you ,they will hear , an audience’s clap is loud enough and will silence any negative thing they have to say and of course , the smile on your face when you have achieved whatever you set out to do cannot be ignored.

Like the pastor, I have asked people to go to the back. I don’t have to literally tell them , but they no longer have access to my front row seats – my reserved limited edition life.

Sometimes our own parents and siblings who by default may have access to the front row seat will also have to go to the back , if they are being hurtful, bitter or discouraging, not supportive of our ambitions or life choices , although everyone else away front the front row area thinks you are awesome.

There is a difference between being supportive and protective. If you are a parent or sibling and you don’t thinks so, well I will give you the benefit of the doubt , but suggest there is a thin line between the two.

Then there are those who take advantage of you, compete unhealthily with you. Oh! the list is endless.
It might take awhile to spot them and know who really got your back, not stab you in the back. But when you do, tell them where to go … TO THE BACK!

So , rethink the people you have let into your life, if they have no positive energy, see life as a chore , always complain, talk about others , not a word of praise in sight for anyone , please ask them to go to the back.
There is a reason why front row seats at fashion shows, football matches and all major events are highly prized.Don’t give yours away cheaply.

And if you are the one who can’t handle the other person’s growth, please don’t dull anyone’s sparkle, just go to he back, observe change your attitude and you could be at the front row or on the stage to share the glory .Even better , you can learn a thing or two for your own front row selection.
Your choice.



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