Little things

“Wow!”, is his favourite word.

Enthusiasm his constant attitude.

Forgiveness his free gift.

Dancing , clapping, singing ,smiling and laughing his favourite activities.

And these are things I will like to do more of  everyday. And they are little lessons from a  special 17month old boy. My cousin Delali.


We assume kids get bored quickly .Yes , sometimes they do , but tell me how many adults will wait patiently for over 30 Christmas presents to be opened for them and say “wow!”  and clap every single time? Well this kid did. Most adults i know are not that grateful.


The other day,an entire family of about 14,with ages ranging from 17months to 60plus years went to the cinema and  it wasn’t the film that got everyone talking at the end , but it was  the 17month old.

It is not what you are thinking ,but rather this little kid still in diapers , sat through the entire film , didn’t sleep , cough , talk or cry for nearly 2hours. He was just perfect and it was time for all the adults to say  “wow!”


Most adults cannot and won’t be quiet and enjoy the moment,but find the constant need to review and run commentaries to the annoyance of others.

How does a kid I am yet to meet get really excited  when he sees my image on a computer screen and kisses my face every single time? He displays his enthusiasm by taking over the earpiece and keyboard and starts typing  equations I cannot solve. And if for some reason the connection is bad or we get cut off,he comes saying “oh oh”. This is just priceless! Does he know I have a special bond with his mum? Surely , he must know or  he just feels it.


I am told when Delali comes home,he says “hi” to whoever is around and gives his mum a kiss.If he cannot find his mum,he will look for her in every corner of the house ,find her and give her a kiss. Words cannot describe this special kid

Most adults are either faking a connection or take you for granted.

Thank you Delali for these life lessons and being  so special.

You are a people magnet, and effortlessly melt hearts with your smile, your many unpredictable cute ways and independence.


I am always curious and looking out for more positive attributes to learn from you than from most adults.

We can only hope we  give you a great sense of direction in line with what God wants you to be.

I love you and see you soon.


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