Along came the devil

I hear in life there is a reason for everyone we meet and that we don’t meet people by accident. Well, I met this devil literally through an accident. She ran into my car and that is not even why I call her the devil.

Seconds after the accident, I got out of my car to assess the external damage. The focus was my car especially as the other driver didn’t bother to get out and yes , she was alive.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt, knowing in Ghana it is easy to get an obligatory heavy slap across the face first before questions are asked or the police is called if you mess someone’s car. On the contrary, I walk to her and asked if she was okay. She was a little confused, but finally came down to asses the damage. I understood why she didn’t get out. You’ll find out soon enough.

By the way, she broke my right parking light.Something i could have easily forgiven.

The damage that could have easily been forgiven

I really could have forgiven her, like I did the other lousy drivers who have in the past either reversed into my car or overtaken me in a traffic jam only to take my side mirrors with them.This time the devil came along with a stinking attitude for horns, and she just had to pay.

She then asked her “driver ” to take “her car ” it’s not hers by the way,so she joins me in mine whilst we settle issues. This I thought was fair enough, knowing sometimes in an attempt to find suitable parking space to solve issues or call the police, the offender can run off, leaving you looking like an idiot.

Having her sit in my car was probably mistake number one, because soon as she got into my car I could feel the negative energy,with all the silly remarks, but I told her not to worry too much because it could have been worse, most importantly no one was hurt, I didn’t come out shouting and screaming which is very normal in Ghana and I bet the other drivers were  even wishing for a fight or some drama to ease their own frustrations with the gridlock traffic, but seriously that is so not my style.

This girl probably does not get the concept of it “could have been worse” because she flipped and asked ” or, else what? you will have given me wahala? ” Also known as drama. Hmmm I thought this is not going to be a fun ride. Then she calls someone and says she is in trouble, she hit a car, (probably the smartest thing she said the whole time) “but, anyways, its nothing luxurious, like a Mercedes, but some tiny thing, probably nothing expensive,” I kept quiet listening to this nonsense, amused and knowing very well that silence sometimes is the best response for fools. Then she asked me to talk to the person she called, I asked if she could see I was driving.

The thing is, I wasn’t offended by her idiotic comments. She wasn’t even driving a Mercedes either and to think that my driving instructor friend in Iceland uses his Mercedes to teach learners how to drive, I had to smile. 🙂

I used my own hard earned money and bought my own car and paid for it in cash, no bank loans. More importantly, I collect experiences not things and anyone who really knows me, will tell you, I will rather use my money to see the world, help deserving people than drive a fancy car. Case in point, I was almost tempted to change my mind and use funds specifically saved for a car to travel the world instead. My “smart friends” had to appeal to my head and not my heart to buy my current car.Life is about priorities.Having been able to pay for grad school 10years ago in one of the top universities in England,clearly  a bigger car was  and is never the priority.

I love small cars;who cares? I literally gave my last car away as a gift to a friend’s mum when she came on retirement. The only big car I will ever consider buying is a Range Rover, so if any of you guys ever win the lottery hit me up! 🙂

Moving on…The questions and distractions kept coming…Do I have insurance? I said yes, who doesn’t? Then she had the nerve to tell me my lights were probably broken and it fell off when she ran into me. I still kept me cool and politely said I don’t drive with broken lights.

Then she screams, roach! roach! Never have  I or anyone  seen a roach in my car ,so I took it either as a distracting tactic ,so i stop for her to bolt ,or she saw her own reflection as a roach in the side mirror.Hmmm, that was probably the case!

Did her own reflection remind her of  something else?

At this point a roach will have been some form of divine intervention to teach this devil a lesson. As annoying as this mean girl was, the roach distraction put a smile on my face. I had a funny feeling she was either on drugs and hallucinating or simply a very spoilt brat with no manners and talks to everyone like that and gets away with it.

I read somewhere (thank the Lord for Pinterest) that “our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart instead of our mind” and although I am an eternal optimist, this is not to  be believed every day. Especially when you’ve met the devil and she want nothing of your heart if its not going to be broken or destroyed.

As we finally made it to a suitable stop in front of my bank to talk things over, I told her driver to have a word with the girl as she was very rude and my patience was running thin.He was quick to mention the girl is an airhead, and he begged me to keep my cool as he can tell I am a lady and he noticed from the way I came out of my car and handled the situation in classy way (thanks driver man for noticing 🙂 ,but why are you hanging out in hell with this devil? i wanted to ask him), so I should ignore her. And if he was her, he would have begged me and kept his mouth shut as the devil didn’t even have a license! What? Why didn’t I just drive straight to the police station or order her to pay me for the cost of the damage especially as we were in front of a bank? Oh Edem!  sometimes you are way too kind and graceful…I kept thinking, sometimes I wish I could…(the driver by the way asked me to threaten the devil I was going to the police…what an irony)

the little devil with the driver waiting to leave “his hell”

Ignoring her worked until, she ordered me to move my car backwards after I had parked so she takes a photo. I ask why she needs a photo of the front of the car when it was the back that was hit and she snaps and amplified the nasty attitude to say “its for your own benefit , if you want your lights to be fixed” At this point I told her to shut up, I have had and heard enough of the crap, then she turns and says “you are supposed to be a lady and you’re telling me to shut up. I thought you were a lady and a Christian” The latter comment even pushed me the more, as if to say  if you are a Christian you are not a human being and anyone can walk all over you .Granted that i had turned my cheek for too long,when she was being rude,more than the prescribed 70X7,if i recall.I said yes, I was those two things, but I am not Christ, I am human trying to be Christ-like.

Then she calls me a bitch! My brother always advice to say God bless you to anyone who is mean or insults you, I always remember afterwards, because I told her to look at us both and she can reconstruct who a bitch is.

Me,during reconstruction and redefining a bit*h
the devil ,during reconstruction and redefining a bit*h

That wasn’t enough, she then went on to say my hair extensions were fake (, oh! how I miss my beautiful afro hair which is currently on a one month break), I laughed and told her I knew that, but I wear it well, unlike hers that look like a floor mop I wouldn’t even use at home. (See, I just remembered my brother’s advice , bless him!)

I am not one to force anyone to respect me, but I refuse to be disrespected.

Her friend on the phone earlier calls back to apologise and promised to fix my lights ,but he will be grateful if I knew where they live, so I know they won’t run away as their house was close to the bank. This devil had no shame, after all this she was coming to sit in my car again for the ride to the said house. I told her if she makes any attempt to even touch my car door I will teach her a lesson, I had  enough drama for a day and I needed my peace to follow them.


Well, after they failed 3times to show up on days we arranged to meet to fix the lights,I decided to ignore them.The devil’s friend later called and the lights were finally fixed a week later. The  friend then asked to take me out for a drink, erhh, thanks, but no thanks! Mess my car, sorted it, thank you, bye and I thought that will end the drama, but soon as the devil heard the lights were fixed she pops out from the devils hole she’s been hiding to send me a more nastier text, that is not worth repeating on this blog(Well the stupid text said “Now you can fuck off bitch! 1.5,not that piece of shit u call a car more like a sardine can. Lol).  My reply was “Is that all? You are such an attention seeking low life.It took you days to come out of the shit hole you belong to say this haha.If you could afford 1.5 ,what took you so long to fix it? Sad life you have.You’re an excuse for a human being ,you’re just a piece of shit” and a disgrace to women)    I just guessed this devil might be on some heavy drugs or her life might be empty and was seeking my attention ,I did the exact opposite and decided not to send the reply.I ignored her and and left the message in my draft,better off venting on my blog.

Christlike as we try to be,you will be tested. I think Jesus gave his opposers an earful sometimes and even Christ got fed up once and grabbed a whip.I already prayed for my soul,though i am struggling to pray for this devil,i will.

Karma they say is a bitch if you are, I know she will get her reward; sad thing is I won’t be there to witness it.

Lights fixed and hopefully that drama far away from me and loads of lessons learnt

Just when I was taking the above photo for this blog post ,another driver was watching us and what happened? Yes! you guessed it, he ran into someone’s car. Thankfully lights were intact ,no drama and the devil was kept at bay.

you start another drama and wake the devil if you don’t watch were you’re going! Thankfully they were fine.

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