Living my name

I asked my mum the other day, why I was named Edem? She said to ask my dad. Dad said I came into this world at a time when he waved bye to the many challenges he’s faced as a young man and my coming represented good.

My imaginary number plate

Another friend called Edem said, her mum had two children, the other died and she survived.

Deliverer Edem(me) at “Survivor”/ Saviour Edem’s (her) birthday party.

My beautiful and amazing young aunt is naming her little girl Edem, specifically after me with the added responsibility to be little Edem’s godmother.

Very humbling and exciting! Beyond the excitement, I asked why? She said from the very day (somewhere in 1996) I came into her life, I have always been a positive influence, supportive of her career and life choices, motivating and inspiring her to reach out to do and be better. I am always willing to help and she learnt so much from me, all contrary to what the haters said.

Most importantly even after having lost touch with her over the years, I came back within God’s perfect timing to get her away from negative people.

Truth be told she got me away from a negative experience too.

She made the decision she needs to call my name in her house every time, just incase we lost touch again and little Edem presented that opportunity! Wow!  Did I say Wow! I am humbled and almost speechless!

By the way, Edem is a unisex name. It’s from the Ewe tribe from the Volta Region of Ghana and means God has delivered or saved me.

But somehow, my name hasn’t delivered me from bad people or experiences.

Maybe, just maybe it’s the choices I make, so I won’t blame anyone. I am old enough to know better.

More importantly am I living my name? There are times I haven’t, not my proudest moments. That is the story of life I guess.

Other times, I have lived up to my name and I am not suggesting I played God.

I am always thinking and even acting I can help people and save them sometimes from their own self destructive ways, not because I am superwoman, but because in most cases I have been there and can relate.

In business I am always quick to offer help to another person implement an idea and I bet one of these fine days, someone might just tell me, “they found my nose and it was in their business.” Ouch!

I have I found my calling, but is it my name? Am I a Training Consultant because I like to “deliver “companies and coach individuals to be the best they can be??

I lead a Cell group, it’s not a prison group, but a bible study group on Sunday evenings and last time we discussed 1Chorinicles 4:9-10, feel free to check it out. It’s about Jabez and how he asked God to change his name from “Pain” to “Blessing” and to make him an honorable man.

So I asked my cell members (Happy, Shine, Elorm, Abigail, Kafui, Rose, Michael, Hannah) what their names meant and if they like it or are living it?

What is your name? What does it mean? Do you like it or want to change it?

Are you living your name?  It’s never too late to live up to your name, hopefully in a positive light.

My name is Edem; I like it and try to live it daily.

I am Edem

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