Leave my skirt alone!

The other day, I found someone’s nose in my business and she was sniffing too hard. I was determined to let my mind win as I know a strong mind will always win over the nose; If you didn’t know , make a mental note as these “sniffers” can cause havoc taking your mind with them.

This was her problem…

The skirt that made someone unhappy

“Your skirt didn’t make me happy” those were her exact words, not mine!
When did my choice of clothes become responsible for someone’s happiness?

The thing that fascinated me was, she is not my friend and our paths had only crossed twice, but she had the audacity to invite me to her house to express her displeasure a week after the famous skirt’s appearance.
Soon as I got to her house, she said she was happy I honoured her invitation. Please note that I didn’t know she was unhappy with my skirt at this point, my curiosity just led the way.

First she asked that we say a word of prayer, so pray she did.
Secondly, she wanted to let me know she was unhappy at church last week because, she thought my skirt was too short for church!

Forget the shock I felt. I tried not to let my face give anything away, and being a stickler for details, I needed to hear a little bit more of this nonsense to give a worthy reply.
In my defence I said:
1.The skirt was not horribly short exposing anything that shouldn’t be exposed.

2.Skirt was just colourful

3.I am tall and was wearing an equally bright platform sandals

4.Maybe the colour explosion was too much for her, but I guess she missed the humour  in my last comment.

She was quick to mention she liked that I was wearing a long dress to come see her.
I told her I like short and long dresses in equal measure.

She moves on to ask if I had any children? I said no, but what has it got to do with anything? Well, she thinks I should not be wearing those platforms sandals anyway.
I felt a sudden sense of repulsion and cut her off immediately with a reply, that not only was I a smart sensible young woman who knows right from wrong, the skirt in question actually got a nod of approval from my brother before we both left for Church.

Knowing she is a “sniffer ”, she should find out about platform shoes, because I did not have the energy to explain the science behind platform shoes.
I simply said I love my shoes and my style and if I gave her the opportunity she will talk about my earrings, nail polish etc, but for now she needs to leave my colourful skirt alone. I had heard enough and needed to go take care of other relevant issues on life and business.

Surely this is some form of abuse and will have made someone else cry. Not me, no way!
The irony is, this woman came to visit her daughter who not only holds me in high regard, but has also been a beneficiary of a full suitcase of clothes from me when she lost everything in a fire. The woman of course doesn’t know this and I guess she is happy with her “daughter’s clothes” because she is still wearing all of them!

With so much going on in the world , does God really care about my shoes or skirt? I asked this because I went to church to listen to a message to be more Christ-like and find ways to serve God better, not just please people or pay attention to anyone’s clothes. Others , however , are busy taking notes and missing out.
I guess our motives are different. I wonder who else got the invitation, but I know she won’t be inviting me back and that is a relief.

The complete look,did it make you unhappy too? I hope not.

9 thoughts on “Leave my skirt alone!

  1. I think your skirt is fabulous!!!!!!!! And for your shoes, she wanted to say it will affect your womb. Lol…………. I have had that from an elderly woman at church before. Lol……….. Keep being yourself Edem. You are an amazing person.

    1. Dianne,thank you for stopping by to read my blog and saying all those nice things.
      Good to know you had a similar experience. Lol…wondering what you said or did.hmmm
      I intend to be myself and thank you so much for the reminder.
      Keep on being amazing too.

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