Hello world!

Hello World,

I am Edem, an International Training Consultant and a Global Graduate Coach on most days and interested in all things travel, elegant, and fabulous at whim and everyday!

I named my blog post “Totally Edem …almost”, because I have been told I have a range (I am not talking Range Rover, although I’ve had one for 7years on my laptop and counting, but hey its ok to daydream right?)

First, I want to share my “range” on life, humour, creativity, spirituality, God , fashion, design, travel etc the list is endless. Hopefully some of these experiences might make someone laugh, happy, cry or even inspire someone to be better or start something they have been putting on hold (promising too much? we will see).

Second, I am not looking for a Pulitzer or Man booker prize. It is my own thoughts, opinions and release, and if I don’t write I might actually go crazy, suffice to say someone referred to me as a crazy girl in a crazy city, in a nice way…you know who you are.

So , hey lets go!


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